Virtual Field Trips for Schools


These programs include an interactive lesson on one of the topics below, scavenger hunts, and follow up activities for after the lesson. These lessons are intended for school groups


Time: Teachers can schedule lessons Tuesday through Thursday, between 10:00am and 3:00pm.

Lesson Topics:

  • Animal Adaptations: How do animals survive in their habitats? From camouflage to mimicry, learn how animals adapt to live in many different environments.
  • Dinosaurs & Fossils: How realistic is Jurassic Park? Learn how fossils reveal clues about the Mesozoic era, when dinosaurs ruled the world.
  • Food Chains: Who eats whom and how is it all related? See how plants and animals fit into a variety of different food chains.
  • Human Body Systems: How does the human body function? Learn about the 11 body systems and their relationships with one another.
  • Insects & Other Arthropods: How are insects, spiders, and crabs related? Learn about the mysterious world of invertebrates with exoskeletons.
  • Rocks & Minerals: Why is knowing about rocks important? Learn about how rocks form and some of the special properties of minerals.
  • Skeletons: What do animal bones look like? Learn how endo- and exo-skeletons of different animals provide support, protection, and movement.
  • Urban Ecology: Is Philadelphia an ecosystem? Learn how many animals make the city their home and how we coexist in the concrete jungle.

The lesson topics above have all been converted to a virtual format, for other lesson options, click here.

Length of program: Approximately 30-40 minutes

Access to program: Programs take place on Google Meet


Cost: All of our programs are FREE, although donations are encouraged. The recommended amount is $3 per child. This is a suggestion - - any contribution your group can offer will make a difference.


To schedule a program, please contact the Children's Education department at 215-763-6529 x17 or email:



















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